Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Clothing writing

Once loved, cheerful and happy, now I have been forgotten.

 I am starting to get rusty and brown and no one would like to wear me.
The backs of the me have fallen out and they are now battered and bruised and been moulded into a different shape.

 I have been stepped on and now I wonder what it would be like sparkling in the reflection of the sun. But no, I am sitting here on this crunchy itchy uncomfortable  ground, it is terrible why didn't she take care of me. Now I am very  tender and gloomy my heart is broken and torn. I feel like I was just recovering from being swirled around like a tornado.

 I wonder to myself will anyone ever discover me here. Why doesn't anyone notice me down here? I wish I had secret powers to magically make me bigger. I bet yah someone will discover me soon, but for now I guess I am stuck here on this  mucky old brown rotten ground.

 Agghh that hurt, why don't I have legs that would be ideal. But no I am a tensy little earring that no one cares about. 
So I guess I am stuck here forever.

Here are some things I think I did well in my writing my language here are some examples mucky old brown rotten ground , I feel like I have just recovered from being swirled around like a tornado.
Now here are some things I could improve on for next time using some more words that would pull the reader in , something else that would be cool is to add stuff in that connects to my real life and that is really all I think I could improve on for next time .

By Ruby Bamford ☔️


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