Wednesday, 28 June 2017

High ropes

High Ropes
Walking to high ropes so excited to get started when we got there we had to put on all this gear.We had to put on a helmet and a harness.
Then they said all this stuff was to keep us safe and I was so glad about that because I am a bit scared of heights. So I was glad to hear we were safe then we got stuck in Romae got to do the demonstration because she was the most confident.

 Finally we got to split into groups of 4 the people in my group were Romae, Phoebe, Ella F and me. We first went on The Giant's Ladder. I was jumpy because I wanted a turn real bad finally it came to my turn I was curious but very nervous. I was curious because I didn't know how hard it would be. But I was nervous because what if the ropes break and I fall I also wondered would I get to the top.

Well once I started I was terrified scared that I was going to fall but then I made myself a goal to get to the third one so I did after that I wondered why was I so scared and I still wonder now. When I got down to the ground I was disappointed in myself but also proud because I achieved my goal and even though I only got to the third one I am still really proud.

 But then I thought again it was only the third one so that Is why I am disappointed. Then once we moved on I thought to myself why didn't I get that far  and I think it is because I might be scared of heights.
After I thought to myself I can actually do more then I predict .

By Ruby Bamford

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