Thursday, 6 July 2017

My science plan

My science plan

Who am I working with : myself ( Ruby )

What I am making : I am making a push and pull game

This is what it will look like

The keys
✅ ) school (5)
⛵️ ) I am bringing(11)

What you need to make the game :
1: a box  ‍⛵️
2: hot glue gun⛵️
3: coloured paper⛵️
4: a dice✅
5: 2 mini card boxes⛵️
6: a pencil case⛵️
7: pens ( coloured )⛵️
8: plastic(thin)container⛵️
9: pva glue ⛵️
10: clear book cover⛵️
11: straws⛵️
12: popsicle sticks✅
13: scissors✅
14: sticky foam animals⛵️
15: paint ✅
16: glitter✅

I am going to get the materials from home because there is no point in getting them from the shop if we already have them. I am also getting stuff from school because some stuff I don't have at home. But luckily that was really easy stuff .

My game is including force by : push and pull are a type of force and that is what the whole game is about. You basically have to answer  whether it involves push or pull.

My steps to make it
1: you need to cut out a square of cardboard
2: paint it whatever colour you like I choose green
3: let that dry
4: know you can make the characters
5: you need cut out 5 squares of plastic container
6: then stick on the foam animals make sure you only cover half of the plastic square
7: you need to use the other half of the plastic square to give your animal a name
8: now that you have made your characters you need to paint another layer of paint onto your cardboard
8: know you can make your cards you get a piece of coloured paper and cut it out into stripes then into squares
9: then once all your cards are cut out you can write a word that includes push or pull and do this until you feel like you have made enough
10: once you have made all your cards you need to cover with the clear book cover and after that make your failure cards so just do the same but write something embarrassing / funny to do on the card
11: once you have covered all your cards you can put another layer of paint on top this time add glitter and some other stuff
12: now you need to wait for this to dry
13: once It is dry you can put a border for your path
14: then you can make squares in the path and fill them with numbers
15: then you need to what for the glue to dry you will now if it is dry because you will be able to hold it upside down without anything falling off
16: know you are ready to set up

This is how you play the game

My progress is this

By Ruby bamford

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