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Week 8

What is force? 

This week for my blog I am going to tell you about a few main parts of what force is. So here is one of the main types of force, friction is a big part of force and friction means resistance when one surface encounters when moving over another surface. Another main type of  force is acceleration and it means an increase in the rate of change in the speed of something in a given direction measured in seconds or metres and there are many more types of force.


 Know I am going to tell you the steps to making an amazing graph, so the first step is

1: you have to make a catapult

2: you need to use the catapult .

3: you need to measure it and how far it goes .

4: you need to record your results

5 : you can make a graph

Here is a little description of what I did I created a catapult,its furthest measurement was 8m . 37cm
With 10 rubber and 3 cotton balls
And to me that is pretty far, the shortest distance it went was 1m . 62 cm with 1 cotton ball and with 0 rubber bands. The things you need to make a good catapult would be popsicle sticks. Rubber bands and cotton balls here is a photo of a catapult 


My variables were that we had to change the amount of rubber bands we used and how many cotton balls and the different weight made it go a different distance every time we fired.

The data we gathered was laid out like this

I gathered data for a graph that looks like this

The variables I changed where the amount of cotton balls and the amount of rubber bands there were. I changed them by adding more and more every time then once we got to ten rubber bands we changed the amount of cotton balls we used. We did this because we thought it would have a lot of science and it would encourage us to use measuring more often.  
The difference between the start and between the finish there was a huge improvement because there was more and more improvement the more and more rubber bands we put on the cotton balls the better the  measuring page got.
I learnt that force has a lot of different meanings such as push and pull they are only  two types of force though, there are heaps more types of force.


How can I use this new learning. I can use this by creating a push and pull game that will ask you a little piece of writing. Then you have to answer either with push or pull and if you get it right you can roll the dice. Whatever number it lands on that is how far you jump. But if you get it wrong you have to pick a failure card and that will say something you have to do.That is how my game is going to be laid out.

I am going to show my learning by making a game.

My activity uses force by asking push or pull and they are a type of force.


Week 7 


What I've done : I made a mini golf course and I had to keep on starting again because I keep on having difficulties but I eventually finished .

What I found out : I found out that you should have a clear plan in your head or have it written down somewhere because I didn't and that made it really hard for me .

What I wonder : I wondered if you might be able to make a pulley that would be strong enough to pull up a brick.

Week 6

What I've done - this week for science I did chair pulleys and basketball learning about push pull and force 

What I found out : I found out that if you have weight in the basket it will just fall to the ground and when you try to pull it , it just drags on the ground so we had to make it lighter .

What I wonder : I wonder if we could use two baskets instead of one basket  and if it would make that easier.

Week 5

What have I done this term including science .
I made
-a catapult
-a rocket balloon 
- basketball ( push , pull )
- chair pulley 

What I found out along the way
-I found out that you have to follow the instructions otherwise it doesn't really work 

-I also learnt about degrees and angles and that you have to have a certain angle and degrees for it to be able to work .

What I wondered 

-I wonder why tug-a-war is connected to science
-I wonder why you have to follow the instructions.

Week 4 


What I wondered

I wonder if gravity is related to the cotton ball flying further or maybe it has something to do with the wind and which way it is blowing.

What I have done this term including science 

. Catapulte 
. Rocket balloon

What I found out along the way

. That you have to follow the instructions precisely other wise It doesn't work .

. I also learnt that there is a lot of maths in science because when I did the catapulte we had to measure and add stuff onto that number.

. I learnt that you have to make mistakes over and over again to get it right.

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