Thursday, 6 July 2017

Science reflection

Week 9/10

I am designing a game I choose a game because I thought I would be fun and an ongoing thing I could work on. Also I thought it would be a cool way of presenting my science learning. Something that is going well is I am being focused I need to do this because It will really help my game develope faster. Something else that went well was that my plan was very good and that is having a big impact on my game. Some struggles were that I didn't get my plan done till later on so I didn't have a plan to look back on. I didn't have this because I didn't know what activity I would choose until a few days before and I didn't know who I was working with either. I didn't have any other struggles. Improvements that I really need to make are being more prepared. I need to do this because if I am always needing to be more prepared then I won't actually get much done. I can do this by being more on task and listen to what others have to say about important stuff. My next step is to think of ideas I can improve.

By Ruby

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