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Date 29.9.17

Money shot

Today we had to take a photo of what we thought was capturing the heart of Waimairi school. I think the heart of Waimairi school is the teachers because without them Waimairi school wouldn't be a school. Without teachers we wouldn't be able to learn and you need to learn so that you can teach others and when you're older you will need to teach your kids how to learn. So my point is we really need to learn. This is what my money shot looks like 

I really enjoy my Waimairi school because I have great friends and especially great Teachers !!!!!!!!!

By Ruby 

Date 20.9.17

Fly on the wall

Today I went to room 20 ( which is my brothers class ) I visited room 20 with my friend Emma. We had a task that we had to do by a certain time that task was to go and visit a classroom around the school and check out some of the things they did and how it flowed through the class. Emma and I chose room 20 because we thought it would be interesting to look back on what we were like as a little kid. We also chose room 20 because my brother was in that class and I wanted to see how he worked in a classroom because I had never seen him do that before. Once we chose our classroom we had to send an Email to the teacher who was working in that class. In that Email we had to include what day would work also what time would work we also had to tell them why we wanted to roam around in their class. I really enjoyed the experience roaming around others classrooms and I would love to do it again. 

Date 20.9.17

The talent show

Today we had a talent show in Kahukura it was really cool because anybody could enter, Me and two of my other friends Margo and Aishani decided to enter but very last minute we decided we would do a dance to Hakuna matata. The bad thing was we didn't have much time to practice so we didn't  get a place but we still tried our best, The person who got first place was Sophie, Romae and Megan they were singing and they were really good. That was the talent show it was really fun. I enjoyed it a lot.

Date 20.9.17


Today I did a my speech and I chose to do competitive. My speech is about when I tried to runaway but that didn't happen, Guess what,I got into the hall competition but sadly I didn't make it to the rotary competition but I still have next year. Anyway here's my speech hope you like it.


Running away 

do you ever feel like just running away? well one time I did anyway and by that experience I won't do it again.

Happy birthday we sang to my cousin while he blew out his candles.
For the first time I had enjoyed being in hanmer oh did I not say
That we were on holiday in hanmer springs. Well we were we were there for my cousin's birthday and we were celebrating him turning 11.

 I was not enjoying myself so far I had done many things but basically had a tantrum all the way there and probably all they way back as well. I had finally settled down when my little nana thought we should go outside and I didn't want to go and I wasn't in the mood to argue. suddenly my mum thought it was a great idea to go outside. 

After I heard that I made a run for it. Then my little nana who was only 85 started running after me. unfortunately i was only 3 so I wasn't that fast but luckily my nana wasn't any faster. 

Suddenly everyone else started pouring out of the house like a river flowing as fast as it could go. then that is when I started sprinting I think from what I remember I was so fast I was basically running as fast as a cheetah then I finally came to the end of the driveway I felt I had just run a 50k marathon then I turned back to see how far I had run  and it was only like a few feet so it wasn't that far. Suddenly I felt someone's worn out sweaty hand clutch onto me like a blood sucking leech all of a sudden time froze i thought to myself if ever there was a good time for a helicopter to arrive or a stampede of elephants to be passing by that I could jump onto now would be the perfect time I wonder where the would take me. anyway back to the story. slowly I turned around and then I saw my mum looking at me and she looked like anger from the movie inside out. Then there was a humongous pause nobody spoke I really really felt like saying that awkward moment of silence.

  The next day we  drove home and as I told you before I had a tantrum the whole way home.

So as I told you at the start you really don't want to run away.

Date 20.9.17

Calendar art 

Today we did calendar art and we spent the whole day making it, Luckily I finished mine in time. My calendar art has a beautiful rainbow background I made it out of coloured stripes of paper. On top of that there are three black silhouette the three silhouettes represent three things I like to do, I chose baking because I like to bake I also chose singing because I wouldn't say I am amazing but I'm pretty good and lucky last I chose hockey because it's my favourite sport.

Here is a photo of my calendar art.

Date  20.9.17

Sculpture research

Neil Dawson

My chosen sculptor is Neil Dawson because he makes sculptures and most of them are in Christchurch and that is where I live so I get to see lots of them. Neil is was born in Christchurch in 1948 but Neil was raised in Masterton, Petone and Hastings but then he moved back to Christchurch to attend the university of Canterbury. Neil has lots of different sculptures all around New Zealand but his most common ones are the Horizons at Gibbs Farm also the Chalice in Cathedral Square Christchurch and also the ferns hangs above Wellington. For Neil's sculptures I found that he mostly makes his sculptures out of metal. Neil has lots of different sculptures and they are all different shapes but he mostly uses a circle shape sometimes it is 3D and sometimes 2D but mostly 3D. Neil's work is displayed all throughout New Zealand but most of his creations are in Christchurch but there is some sculptures in Wellington in Te Papa. I choose Neil's work because it is creative and well thought about it is also very detailed every little thing counts.

Here are some of his sculptures 

1: Chalice 


3: Fan Fare

Date 20.9.17

Sculpture reflection 

Found art : the found piece of art  I found and used was supposed to be the world made out of an orange.

This is what it looks like.

What : a tinfoil ballerina 

My inspiration was tin foil and barbies because we thought they would go well together.

Something that went well was that it turned out good and we did it in time because we were a little bit rushed at the end.

I would definitely change the hair on the barbie doll because it is spiky.

Date 20.9.17

Sculpture plan

What : a tinfoil ballerina

Where : the art table

Who : Ella F

What we need :

Tin foil ( a lot )
A barbie doll
Silver spray paint
A mask ( to cover us when we spray 
Cardboard ( big )
 News paper
Hot glue

Who is bringing what:

Ruby :
tin foil
Barbie doll
News paper
Hot glue

Ella F :
silver spray paint
Tin foil
A mask ( for when we spray )
News paper

School :
cardboard ( big )

My key competency:

My key competency this week is problem solving because we have to use stuff from home to make a sculpture and I think that will be hard so we will need to problem solve.

My steps :

Set down the newspaper
Then get the barbie doll and spray it
Then let it dry
Then start scrunching up tin foil
Then keep on spraying the doll until you can't see anything but silver
Then hot glue the foil to the doll
Then tie her hair in a bun.
Then you are done ✅ 

What I can improve on : 

I can improve on getting it done in time
Sitting next to better people

Date 19.9.17

Defining capturing a moment in time

This is the photo I chose

I chose this photo because it was a very exciting moment and I probably won't get the chance to do it again so I wanted to capture that moment.

Date 19.9.17


Today I did dance I wouldn't say I'm good at dance but I still gave it a go. The first thing we did was recreating this is when you think of something that you would do like washing the dishes, then you make it into a dance move it was really fun. The things we had to recreate where mowing the lawns, washing the dishes and do the laundry. After we did that we put them all together and also put it to music my dance was really funny I thought.

Date 19.9.17


Today we did drama I was very familiar with this type of art because I do it every Friday after school. But once we started doing it, it didn't really look like the drama I do but that was okay because it was still very fun. Some of the things we did were the robot game and this is how you play. One person has the controller ( it is invisible ) and the other person is the robot and all they can do is go ( which means go straight  ) they can also turn and the can also stop. The aim of the game is to try and not  bump into anything, I was paired up with Emma we had a really fun time. Something else we did was we got a piece of paper with something written on it then we had to act out what that piece of paper said on it. Then the audience had to guess what you were doing. That is all the things we did at drama it was really fun.

Date 18.9.17

My adventures at Margaret mahy 

Yesterday my class and some parents explored the city and the arts among it. We went to the Art Gallery to explore the different types of art, We also went to the Margaret Mahy to explore the force involved in the playground equipment we also got to play on it. Then we split into our activity groups to walk around the city and take photos of the art we had a parent with us so we weren't just running off by our selves. Then we meet back up at the dance - O - mat but it was out of order so we just played on these tree hut things. So that was a really full on day with lots of walking but it was really fun.

By Ruby 

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