Thursday, 26 October 2017



Opening sentence
Do you ever feel like just running away? Well one time I did anyway and by that experience I won't do it again.

Happy birthday we sang to my cousin while he blew out his candles.
For the first time I had enjoyed being in Hanmer oh did I not say
that we were on holiday in Hanmer Springs? Well we were .   We were there for my cousin's birthday and we were celebrating him turning 11.

 I was not enjoying myself so far I had done many things but basically had a tantrum all the way there , and probably all the way back as well. I had finally settled down when my little nana thought we should go outside and I didn't want to go and I wasn't in the mood to argue.  Suddenly my mum thought it was a great idea to go outside. 

After I heard that I made a run for it. Then my little nana who was only 85 started running after me.  Unfortunately  I was only 3 so I wasn't that fast but luckily my nana wasn't any faster. 

Suddenly everyone else started pouring out of the house like a river flowing as fast as it could go. Then that is when I started sprinting I think from what I remember I was so fast I was basically running as fast as a cheetah. Then I finally came to the end of the driveway. I felt I had just run a 50k marathon then I turned back to see how far I had run  and it was only like a few feet so it wasn't that far.  Suddenly I felt someone's worn out sweaty hand clutch onto me like a blood sucking leech. All of a sudden time froze. I thought to myself if ever there was a good time for a helicopter to arrive or a stampede of elephants to be passing by that I could jump onto, now would be the perfect time. I wonder where they would take me. Anyway back to the story. Slowly I turned around and then I saw my mum looking at me and she looked like Anger from the movie Inside Out. Then there was a humongous pause nobody spoke I really really felt like saying that awkward moment of silence.

  The next day we  drove home and as I told you before I had a tantrum the whole way home.

Closing sentence

So as I told you at the start you really don't want to run away.

By Ruby 

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