Monday, 13 November 2017


Hide and Seek

 It was just another normal day until my teacher said let's go outside for a game of hide and seek. All I heard after that was “go”. Suddenly it felt a stampede of elephants were pacing by the classroom. I felt like My ears were going to fall off they could hardly take the noise. 18 19 20 ready or not here I come, I ran for my life to the best hiding spot on the field the bush. I knew that most people would go there because nobody ever finds you. As I approached my destination I could see my other friends. I thought to myself there won't be enough room for all of us. Oww stop pulling my leg “I'm sorry I'm going to find another hiding spot” my friends said. I decided to stay. Suddenly a waft of sweat blew past me “yuck” I said. I felt short of breath because I thought they would hear me. I thought to myself  this game was really intense. I felt really nervous that someone would find me. Emma and Ella started moving around and making a lot of sound it probably wasn't that loud but it felt like that to me. So anyway I told them to be quiet but I could hear something else overtop of my voice. It was the taggers Sam and Ella. “Shh don't move a muscle”, I told Emma and Ella. The taggers are getting closer and closer but luckily they didn't find us they just walked straight past us and didn't even notice. We had waited for it felt like a long time because parents started coming into school to pick us up I asked Ella and Emma “do you think we should go back because I think they have gone back inside”. Ella said “I will go and check”, so she did and everyone was in a big clump by the trees so we decided to walk back. When we got back everyone told us we were the winners I was so excited I couldn't believe my ears after that we all walked back to class and went home. The End

By Ruby bamford 

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